Katy Perry's Breast Implants

About Katy Perry's possible breast implants:

There's no doubt about it, Katy is a provocative singer; an icon in her own right. We first see her come onto the scene in 2009 with her hit 'I kissed a girl'. Since then she has blossomed. She now wears more provocative clothing and flaunts here stuff on a regular basis. Over the past three years it would appear that her breast have gotten larger. The problem with coming right out and accusing her of having gotten breast augmentation is that when we first met Katy, she had a more innocent image and covered her chest on a regular basis. Looking back at old pictures of Ms. Perry one would without a doubt come to a conclusion that she now has breast implants. Never has Katey confirmed having had the surgery. We've done our analysis and found an answer. You're on this site because you are curious. We'll tell you the answer if you want; however, you should at least try to figure it out for yourself. Does Katy Perry have breast implants? Well you tell us. Look at all the pictures provided and receive hints from data on these pages, so that you may form your own conclusion. If you give up or just want the answer simply wait it out and the answer will appear once the counter reaches zero. Best of luck and remember look carefully, don't get distracted. For more information on boob jobs see the additional pages provided at the bottom of the left navigation bar. By the time you are done, you'll feel like a breast enlargement surgeon.

While pictures may indicate a breast implant, reasoning suggests otherwise. If you look at the top of Katy’s breast you’ll notice lack of fullness. This is a sign of a natural bust line. Fullness at the top of a breast line is a breast implant key feature. The bikini pictures show this feature at its fullest, or rather un-fullest. With this being said it is quite possible for her to have had already naturally large breast and had small implants put into place. This would explain a lack of fullness in the upper region of her chest. If these implants are in place now, there’s a high likely hood that they’ve been there since 2010. If she does have implants, I’m sure all would agree the surgeon did an excellent job.

Thousands of Katy Perry pictures have been taken and no scares are found. When a singer has had implants put in, it is common for the public to find out. Singers are performers that are subject to repetitive movements. They often place their arms and bodies in strange positions which would allow for more clear representation of breast implants.

So what does the majority say? Online polls have found that 67% of all people, men and women, believe that Katy Perry does in fact have breast implants OR has undergone some form of breast enhancement within the past two years.

Don’t let others tell you. You be the judge! The old saying goes, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. While most believe that breast augmentation has occurred, a very small percentage has done any research on the topic whatsoever.

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